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Let’s face it, roofs aren’t very exciting. They are, however, probably the hardest working and most critical building component of your home. Imagine surviving one of Southern Maryland’s scorching summers—or blistering winters—without it and you’ll quickly understand why we take roofing installation and maintenance so seriously here at Southernwood Roofing & Siding. Your roof must not only endure everything Mother Nature throws at it, but it has to do so flawlessly.

That’s why, as Southern Maryland’s preferred roofing contractor, we offer a variety of different styles and materials that will not only increase the curb appeal of your home or business, but boost its energy efficiency and resale value, as well. It’s also why our professional team of certified roof installers uses only the finest roofing materials and installation techniques, partnering with top manufacturers such as GAF, Tamko and CertainTeed to to ensure that your roof installation or repair goes smoothly and efficiently. And our experts are here to walk you through the process every step of the way.

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Roofing Installation in La Plata, MD

When it comes to your Southern Maryland home’s roof, you need a trustworthy company that will get the job done right the first time, every time. That’s where Southernwood can help. When you choose us for roof installation services, you can sit back and relax knowing that you have a leading company performing your Southern Maryland roof installation. Our team will treat your home as if it were there own, leaving you with a properly installed roof that will guard your home against the elements for many years to come.

Schedule an appointment for roof installation services in La Plata and the surrounding area in Southern Maryland by giving our roofers a call at 301.934.0043 ! Or, contact us online.

Southern Maryland Roof Replacement

Is your home’s roof chipping? Or maybe you’ve been dealing with a sagging roof. Whatever the case, it might be time to consider a roof replacement—you can only repair it so many times! It might to time to contact Southernwood for roof replacement if your roof has:

  • Extensive storm damage
  • Roof sagging or buckling of roofing materials
  • Numerous missing shingles or tiles
  • Exceeded projected age limit (20-25 years on average for shingle roofing)

Don’t put up with a roof that’s giving you trouble, schedule roof replacement in La Plata and the surrounding areas—contact us online.

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Types of Roofing Materials

A roof is a roof, right? Not exactly. While you’re unlikely to find any thatched roofs here in Maryland, there are a variety of roof styles and materials to choose from based on your tastes—and budget.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

By far the most common type of roof in Maryland, asphalt shingle roofs are relatively easy to install and less costly than wood, wood shakes, tile, metal, and slate roofing. They also have a long lifespan, adding to their popularity among homeowners. Asphalt shingles come in two types: fiberglass and organic. Regardless of the type, asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles and colors to match your taste and budget.

Composite Roofs

A viable alternative to traditional slate or shake roofs, composite roofing is lightweight, fade-resistant and come in a wide assortment of colors and styles to choose from. Although composite roofing comes with a higher price tag than asphalt, it is less costly to install and maintain than actual slate or shakes, and can be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Wood Roofs

Commonly made of cedar, wood roofs became popular in Colonial America and are still used on about 10% of residential roofs today. Wood roofs come in two types: shingles and shakes. Shingles are less expensive than shakes and have a smoother, more uniform shape. Wood shakes are thicker and have a more rustic appearance. For both shingles and shakes, a fire retardant pretreatment is recommended—and required in some areas—to minimize the chance of fire spread. With proper care and maintenance, wood roofs can provide attractive, reliable protection for your home for 15-20 years.

Slate Roofs

Slate has been used for roofing purposes for hundreds of years around the world. And with good reason! Slate roofs may be prone to chipping, but are generally easy to repair and can last 50-75 years. All slate roofs should be checked periodically by a professional to check flashings, missing or cracked slates, rusted nails, and damaged ridge slates. Despite the increased maintenance, with proper care, your slate roof will add a classic, sophisticated look to your home for years to come.

Metal Roofing

First appearing in the U.S. in the 19th century, metal roofing has experienced a return to popularity in recent years as an accent material used over porches and bay windows. While a bit more costly, metal roofing offers a lifespan of up to 50 years, comes in a range of colors to choose from and delivers excellent marks for curb appeal.

Commercial Roofing

If you’re in the process of constructing a new building, or planning the replacement of an outdated roof on an existing building, there are a variety of commercial roofing choices to consider, including built-up roofing, modified bitumen, single ply, liquid-applied roofing and more based on your needs and requirements. Lifespan and cost varies by type and the size of the application. For full details, we’re here to help.

No matter which roof type piques your interest, our roofing contractors will walk you through the pros and cons of each type to help you choose the best fit for your roofing project. Give our professional roofers a call at 301.934.0043 to learn more!

Roof Repair in La Plata, Maryland

Whether a storm has caused damage to your home’s roof or it’s beginning to show signs of its age, there’s only one name you need to know: Southernwood. Our team has been providing peerless roof repair services to homes throughout Southern Maryland for the past decade. We understand that a damage roof can be a major inconvenience, and you should never feel inconvenienced in your own home. Allow our team to assess the damage and provide skilled roof repair services, leaving you completely satisfied with a roof that’s good as new.

If you’re dealing with a damaged roof, give the roofers at Southernwood a call at 301.934.0043  or contact us online to schedule your roof repair in Southern Maryland.

Reliable Roofing Company in Southern Maryland

When it comes to taking care of your Maryland home’s roof, you need a company you can trust. And that company is Southernwood Roofing & Siding. We’ve been providing unparalleled roofing services to La Plata area homeowners for the past decade—see why we’re the company your neighbors trust! Whether you’re dealing with new construction and need a roof installed, your existing home needs a roof replacement, or a storm damaged your roof, we’re the company to know.

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