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Catching Up with the Cobb Island House

It’s been just over a week since we last shared news on the Cobb Island house, and what changes a week can bring—the windows are in and the AZEK PVC trim and HardieSoffit® are being installed!

Window and Trim Installation - Cobb Island House

As we finish up the windows and trim work in preparation for the vinyl siding installation of this waterfront home, we got to thinking about the importance the trim and soffits play in protecting your home.

Whether your home is on the water or in the woods, without quality windows and trim—and quality installation—your home would be less efficient and a great deal more susceptible to moisture infiltration, insect infiltration, as well as a whole host of potential maintenance issues.

Both AZEK and HardieSoffit are engineered to withstand the harshest weather Mother Nature can dish out. Both are also designed to require less maintenance—no painting required—which means big time savings for homeowners.

Without expert installation, even a great product can fail, that’s why our installation teams are the best of the best. We really couldn’t be happier with the progress they’ve made on the Cobb Island house.

Up next? Siding!

Keep up with the progress on the Cobb Island home here or on our Facebook page. For help with your next project, give us a call or click here today for a free quote!

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