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Pros and Cons of Winter Roof Replacement

Deciding to install a new roof on your home can bring about a whole slew of benefits—from improved energy-efficiency, to added aesthetics, to just the peace of mind you get from having a new high-quality roof is noteworthy as well. But once you decide on making the move to a new roof, you have to decide when to get it done.

Is going for a roof replacement this winter season wise? Follow along with the experts at Southernwood Roofing & Siding while we discuss the ups and downs of a winter roof installation!

The Benefits of a Winter Roof Replacement

You might not think it at first, but there are actually a surprising number of advantages to be had when considering a new roof in the middle of a winter. Some things you might find particularly appealing include:

  • Surety of service. When it comes to roofing jobs, be it a repair or installation, spring and summer can be many times busier for a contractor. That makes choosing an installation in the off season potentially much more desirable, as the roofers have more time to plan around your needs and offer unique accommodations.
  • Easier scheduling. The odds are high that you’ve got vacation time to work with, and as we mentioned above a roofer is much more likely to be less burdened in the chillier months. That can make scheduling, often a headache, into a far more palatable experience.

Potential Drawbacks of a Winter Roofing Project

You might be thinking winter is the best time after reading all of the above information. But while we do agree to a degree, it’s not always roses and perfection if certain things don’t play nice. Issues can include:

  • Material issues. Certain materials, like asphalt shingle or cedar shake, can be a bit problematic to work with in the winter. The biggest issue is the seal application might take longer than usual, and the seal can take longer to set. Usually, however, working around the issue is easy with some careful planning.
  • The weather. A professional roofer is going to try to plan the construction and design of your roof around what the weather will allow for. But on occasion problems happen and a freak snow or wind storm can delay the project for days, and rarely sometimes even weeks. If you’re prepared to deal with it it’s not much of a worry, and the benefits still outweigh the issues considerably. But it’s worth noting.

However, both of these issues can be planned around and should not necessarily be a significant deterrent. All things considered, the winter is as viable a time as any to install a new roof—plus, the winter time can include certain benefits that other seasons do not.

All Seasons Roofing Installation with Southernwood

Considering a new roof for your home in La Plata, MD and the surrounding area? If so, we would be thrilled to help you get the best! Our experienced roofing specialists can handle a project in any season, and with our top-class equipment and leading products on your side you’re certain to get a roof you’ll love for many winters to come. Contact us online now to find out more, or ask any questions you may have!

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