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About Southernwood Roofing & Siding

Southernwood Roofing & Siding is fully licensed from the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. You can reach the MHIC with any questions at 410-230-6309. MHIC License #130434


Southernwood took root in La Plata, Maryland 13 years ago as a custom home building company locally owned and operated by lifetime La Plata residents Andy and Frank (F.D.) Mudd. Since then Southernwood has continually expanded its service base, extending its client list to include home buyers and owners, as well as a range of local and national builders.

In 2006, the brothers formed Southernwood Framing, quickly growing the company within the residential housing market from about 150 homes per year to its current operating pace of 800+ homes per year. Southernwood Framing’s territory stretches from St. Mary’s County north to Hartford County. The company’s growth and sustainability are due in large part to the relationships the Southernwood team is able to form with the builders they work for. They continually demonstrate their ability to perform a quality job at an efficient pace, while always remaining a team player in the hectic world of new construction.

Expanding the company further, Andy and F.D. formed Southernwood Roofing and Siding in February of 2012. They quickly gained ground in the industry with the help of 10-year industry veteran Ken Gentry who was hired on as Vice President to handle day-to-day operations. Ken shares the Mudd brothers’ laid-back, get it done attitude, and more than understands the importance of delivering quality work in a timely fashion.

Together, the team has completed more than 500 individual projects in the past year alone, offering a wealth of knowledge and that extra level of commitment you just don’t see every day.

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