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What the hail?

Did you know that, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there were over 5,000 major “hail events” in 2014, and that the majority of hail storms occur in April, May and June? Did you also know that hail causes about $1 billion in damage to crops and property each year in the U.S.? That’s “billion” with a “b”!

Fortunately for us, Maryland is NOT one of the top five states for hail—sorry Nebraska. We do see our share of spring storms, though. Some, like earlier this week, come with damaging winds and, yup, hail.

So what do you do about it? For starters, stay inside if you know a storm is coming, and bring cars, outdoor furniture and other property indoors or under cover, if possible, to avoid unnecessary damage.

Once the storm has passed, you’ll want to take a look around your home, carefully inspecting siding, windows and window casings, doors and roofing to check for hail or wind damage. Some damage, like missing siding or shingles, might be obvious, but look closely to check for small pockmarks in your roofing and siding—and even around windows and doors.

This photo from Home Standards Inspection Services in Omaha, NE, will give you an idea of what hail damage might look like on your roof.


If you do see wind or hail damage, give us a call. We’ll thoroughly assess and repair any damage before it becomes a bigger headache—they may look relatively harmless, but those small divots can lead to major water infiltration if left unrepaired. And don’t forget to contact your insurance company to make sure you’re covered!

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