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What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

With so many door options to choose from these days, you have the opportunity to truly personalize your door to fit your style—and lifestyle.

We recently came across an article on Houzz that talks about this very subject. The author shares a range of door styles and colors, as well as a bit about what each says about the homeowner’s personal style and what it says to visitors. Energizing and bold vs. subtle and soothing. Simple vs. ornate, and so on.

We ‘ve installed hundreds of new doors, classic, craftsman-style, fiberglass, wood, etc. But all this talk of doors got us thinking- just how personalized do some folks go with their front door? We wanted to know. A few keystrokes later we turned up some very interesting front doors. Here’s a sampling.

unique doors - new door installation

So, what does your front door say about you? Don’t like what you hear? Contact us today. We’ve got a wide range of doors to choose from—and the expert new door installation team to install them.

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