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The Calm After the Storm

You made it through the latest storm unscathed—and at the rate we’re going this spring and summer, that’s no small feat—but before you celebrate, we’d strongly recommend taking a close look around the exterior of your home. There could be storm damage that you’re not even aware of yet.

While missing or cracked roof shingles, and even pockmarks from hail damage might be obvious, water forced up under loose shingles during a particularly bad storm, or split seams between shingles may not be as obvious. Cracked windows will be obvious, but small gaps in the caulking will be harder to spot. By the same token, it may take quite some time before you notice discolored spots, dents, chips or cracks in your paint or siding.

Hiring a professional will help you ensure that you’re catching small problems before they require costly repairs. That’s where we come in. Southernwood’s own Corey Bowling is fast becoming our leak master—spotting even the most obscure leaks and saving our customers thousands.

There are some things that can wait. Exterior home maintenance is not one of them. Your roofing, siding, windows, gutters and doors work 24/7 365 days a year to keep you comfortable and dry. With the number and scale of this year’s storms, paying a little extra attention to these hardworking areas of your home just makes sense—and cents.

When you’re ready, we’re here. Just give us a call at 301.934.0043, or fill out our short contact form. It only takes a few seconds, and your peace of mind is worth every one.

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