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Your roof may be the hardest working building component of your home. It keeps your family comfortable, covers you and your belongings from the elements, and much more. When you have a problem with your roof, you want it fixed quickly and correctly—but, to do so, you have to hire the right roofing contractors.

At Southernwood Roofing & Siding, we take roof repair seriously. Our team has provided unrivaled roof repair service to customers throughout Southern Maryland for nearly a decade. We understand that a damaged or leaking roof can be a major inconvenience, and you should never feel inconvenienced in your own home.

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Common Roofing Problems

If you are in need of a roof repair, you’ll likely already know it. However, watching for common roofing problems and catching damage early on may save you in the long-term from costly repairs or roof replacement. But, what should you look for?

  • Faulty roof installation. If your roof was initially installed poorly, your likelihood of having problems that need repair is high. If you have any doubts, a professional will be able to tell you if your roof was installed properly.
  • Leaks and moisture. Your roof is the barrier between your home’s interior and the outdoors, which means it takes quite the beating from the elements. Various forms of precipitation and weather events, can cause moisture to seep under your shingles—potentially causing leaks in your roof.
  • Critters. When it comes to your roof, small animals, birds, and insects are not friendly creatures. They can do serious damage to your roof’s shingles, and its best to stop them before they make a home on your roof.
  • Standing water. If you notice standing water on your rooftop, you have a problem. It’s likely due to debris build-up in your gutters, but could be more serious.
  • Overhanging trees. When trees hover over your home’s roof, they can cause serious damage to the shingles, potentially wearing away a protective layer. Also, trees in close proximity to your home have a higher risk of falling during hurricanes or treacherous winter storms.
  • Lack of maintenance. Not keeping an eye on the state of your roof is dangerous. When it comes to your roof, many problems start out small but eventually grow into serious issues. Routine inspection and maintenance can extend the life of your roof, and potentially save you from roof repairs.

If you notice a problem with your roof, have it inspected by a professional. You don’t want a small repair to turn into a much larger project!

Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

No matter the type of roof you have, regular maintenance can eliminate the need for major repairs and increase the life expectancy of your roof, saving you the hassle and expense of a full roof replacement.

Regular roof maintenance also:

  • Prevents leaks, drafts, and other exterior problems
  • Makes you aware of potential issues
  • Gives you time to fix small roofing problems before they become major
  • Prevents expensive repairs in the future
  • Maintains an appealing appearance

If you are repairing your roof for major problems, or have recently had a roof replacement, scheduling regular roof inspections extend the life of those repairs and replacements. Catching a problem before it becomes major is key in keeping roof repair costs low, and your happiness high!

Reliable Roofers in Southern Maryland

When your roof is in need of a repair, you need the best roofing company to handle the job. At Southernwood Roofing & Siding, our team of experts can assess the damage and provide skilled roof repair services in no time, leaving you with a roof that is as good as new!

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Removed fascia board and replaced behind front left gutter. Put gutter back in place. Removed and installed new 1x8 board on front left corner of house; primed, caulked and painted. Removed and replaced about 8 feet of OSB scoffing and… – Sheila K., Angie’s List Member, Waldorf, MD