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We’ve talked before about the affect of changing temperatures on your home’s vinyl siding. We’ve also talked about ice damming and its affect on your roof. We’ve even shared some helpful tips to get your home ready for all that Old Man Winter can dish out.

Now, we want to talk about your windows. Specifically, ice on the inside of them.

replacement windows maryland

As temperatures have dropped below freezing these last few days, you may have noticed ice forming on the inside of some of the windows in your home. As you may have guessed, ice on the inside of your windows is not a good thing. What you may not know is what causes it and, more importantly, how to fix it.

Icy windows—the condensed version.
In short, condensation—and subsequent ice—on the inside of your windows is a moisture issue. When the temperature of the glass in your windows drops below the dew point of the inside air, visible moisture forms on the glass. As outside temperatures drop below freezing, that visible moisture forms ice. The American Society of Home Inspectors goes into much more detail here, if you want more specifics.

The remedy.
So how do you prevent condensation, and ice, from forming in the first place? Two words, replacement windows. Now, if your windows are in great shape, taking steps to reduce the moisture level inside your home such as running a dehumidifier or the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms may help rid your windows of ice. If your windows are aging, though, it may be time for an upgrade, and trust us, improved curb appeal is just one benefit of high quality replacement windows.

You see, windows with poor thermal performance, ie. low efficiency, low quality or older, single-paned windows are prone to condensation. New, high quality replacement windows, when installed properly, will increase the energy efficiency of your home overall, and are designed to function properly—even with higher indoor humidity levels, which are desirable for comfort and health.

How do you find the right windows for your home? That’s easy, get in touch. Our expert team will fit you with the right windows for your home—and budget. No more ice.

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