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Angie’s List Member

I got three estimates. At first I did not feel this vendor was as professional as the other two, and even though he was the lowest cost, I was not going to use him. I had him come out again with a modification to the original estimate. I became convinced my first impression was wrong, especially after talking with him about some leak problems with the top of my chimney that had been near impossible to find and fix over a number of years.

This vendor’s solution showed an impressive knowledge of what’s presently available in the building industry. Neither of the other two bidders gave me the same impression. Indeed, they seemed more concerned with just putting shingles on and doing the gutter guards. But the chimney leak was very important to me; it had caused some ceiling damage in my home.

The man who did the estimate came one day to seal the chimney top. He used a new material that dried clear and sealed every area where it was applied. In the nearly 6 months since, I have experienced a number of storms that would have caused leaks in the past; I have had no leaks. 🙂

The shingle people came on a second day. They removed old shingles on the house, installed new shingles and ice guards, and installed gutter guards. They installed new shingles over old on the 2 sheds. They did all this and cleaned up all nails and shingle pieces in one long day. I was impressed with their work.

I am very satisfied with the work that was done and the professional way everything was carried out. I definitely recommend this vendor.

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