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Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Are you considering new windows for your home? Window replacement is not a project homeowners take on frequently, either because their windows are properly maintained or it’s just not something that is thought about very often. But your windows are important to your family’s comfort and home’s energy efficiency. Replacing your windows can not only give your home a needed makeover, it can even begin to save you money on your monthly energy bill!window replacement maryland

Signs It May Be Time for Window Replacement

If you’re thinking about replacing your home’s windows, the first thing you should do is a thorough check of the condition of each window. If you have wood- or aluminum-framed windows, it can be easy to overlook the issues they may be causing. Don’t settle for windows that may be costing you money or keeping your home from looking its best. Below are some of the most telling signs it’s time to invest in window replacement:

You Feel a Draft in Your Home

A large percentage of your home’s heat in the winter escapes through its windows. And even with the highest-quality windows, some air will always get in. But if you begin to notice this air getting through, that means there is an issue with your weather stripping and insulation. Even a slight draft can affect your home’s comfort and cause your HVAC system to work twice as hard. Replacing your windows is a permanent solution to keeping your heating and cooling costs down, while giving your home an improved look.

You Feel Like Your Home Isn’t Cooling Off

Just like in the cooler months, when heat escapes through your windows, cool air can do the same thing during spring and summer. If you notice that even though you are blasting the AC, your home just never seems to get cool, your windows are probably lacking the proper insulation. Installing new energy-efficient windows can help keep your home comfortable in the heat while also lowering your electric bill.

Your Home Is Over 20 Years Old

Having an older home, typically built over 20 years ago, means that your windows may only be single-pane. If they are dual-pane, they likely don’t provide the same energy efficiency that modern windows do. In addition to a lack of energy efficiency, older windows often don’t have the proper glazing to keep the sun’s UV rays from penetrating your home and potentially fading carpets and upholsteries. Replace your home’s windows with newer options that help keep your home’s temperature consistent and prevent UV penetration.

Your Windows Are Difficult to Open or Close

Windows can develop balance issues in their opening and closing mechanisms as they get older. Older windows can also begin to be affected by rust and rot. This combination can often make windows tough to open and close. Replacing your difficult windows with new, modern options will eliminate this issue and increase your home’s curb appeal!

You Notice Condensation Between the Glass Panes

Having condensation constantly appear between the glass panes of your windows means there is a seal failure. When there is an issue with the sealing of your windows, moisture enters the space between the glass panes which forms condensation. During the winter, this moisture often freezes and forms ice and frost buildup. If you are experiencing condensation or frost between your window panes, it’s time for replacement.

Count on Southernwood Roofing & Siding for Window Replacement in La Plata, MD

Are you experiencing any of the above when it comes to the windows of your home? If so, or you’re not sure whether your windows require replacement or not, Southernwood Roofing & Siding can help. Replacing windows without proper insulation, weather stripping, or glazing, can lower your energy bills and keep your home comfortable year-round. Whether you need one or all of your windows replaced, you can trust the experienced, customer-focused contractors at Southernwood Roofing & Siding!

Contact us online today or give us a call at 301-934-0043 to learn more about La Plata window replacement!


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