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Is it spring yet?


By now, Southern Maryland residents are all too familiar with winter storm warnings and other less-than-desirable weather forecasts. The latest round of snow and wintry mix will wreak havoc on more than your commute. Harsh winter weather has a substantial impact on your roof.

Last year we talked about ice dams—what they are and how to prevent them. But ice dams, while common, are not the only winter roof issue that can arise if you’re not careful. So, what are some others?

  1. Heavy weight of accumulated snow. You may be thinking, “We’re not in Boston, we’re fine.” While our area has not gotten the record-breaking snow accumulation of our neighbors to the north, as spring approaches and accumulated snow absorbs rainfall, the added weight can cause structural damage, breaking rafters and leading to catastrophic roof collapse.
  2. Snow-blocked plumbing vents. Blocked vents can lead to poor drainage and even sewer gas backups. Not good news.
  3. Cracked or broken shingles. The combination of rain/freezing rain, snow, ice and wind can often cause cracks or breaks in some of your roof shingles, leading to unwanted leaks.
  4. Skylight leaks. Minor faults in skylight flashing, sealing or installation can lead to major leaks. Other roof flashing or worn roof areas will also be particularly susceptible to leaks as accumulated snow begins to melt.

It’s all preventable.
Winter weather can cause damage to your roof. No question. Luckily, with regular roof inspections and preventative maintenance, most of the issues described above are entirely preventable.

If you do discover a leak or want to schedule an inspection to get ahead of the curve, we’re here to help. All you have to do is call 301.934.0043!

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